20-30 mmHg MEDICAL COMPRESSION - Provides Therapeutic Pressure As It Delivers Oxygen Throughout The Leg To Help Decrease In Leg Fatigue, Aching Feet, and Swollen Ankles.
COPPER INFUSED FIBER MATERIAL - High Quality Copper Material Content In Each Pair To Help Provide Better Support On Foot Arches and Pains. Each Pair Features Anti-Microbial To Help Eliminate Smelly Feet and Bad Odor.
ENHANCE RECOVERY & CIRCULATION - Helps Rejuvenate Tired Legs As It Enhances Quicker Recovery. Promotes Blood Circulation Throughout For a Better Refreshed and Energized Legs.
HELPS RELIEF SWELLING & VARICOSE VEINS - Design To Target Your Leg's Medical Needs and Treatment For Varicose Veins, Swelling, Edema, Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency, and Superficial Thrombophlebitis.
HIGH QUALITY ZIPPER & BREATHABLE SUPPORT - Long Lasting Durable Zipper Provides Comfort and A Secure Snug Fit To Prevent Unzipping Even During Movement.

Copper Infused 20-30 mmHg Firm Zipper Compression Long Knee Length Open Toe Sock

$34.99 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price
  • Care Instructions

    Hand Wash With Warm Water And Mild Soap. For Machine Wash, Zip Up Socks And Use Gentle Cycle. Tumble Dry Low Heat Or Hang To Dry. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Dry Clean.

  • Material Content

    15% Copper, 15% Spandex, 30% Lycra, & 40% Nylon.

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