Women's Hunchback Posture Shape Corrector Upper Shoulder With Push Up Bra Chest Support. It's criss cross design targets the upper back to help support aligning by gently pulling the shoulders back to offer therapeutic and pain relief. The design form keeps your back straight and comfortable from sitting or standing all day. Helps improve hunchback as it align your backbone to your natural position. Brings your shoulders back into the right position and improve for a better posture, while relieving strain on your back and neck. The strap goes under your bra line and provides a nice firm support. Perfect to be worn underneath your clothes to give your bra an extra uplift. Provides 3 sets of hooks for easy adjustment to your firmness and comfort. Made with 85% Nylon and 15% Polyurethane. Size Chart: S/M 27.5"-31.4" and L/XL 29.5"-33.4" Chest.

Women's Back Corrector Push Up Bra Support

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